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    Chef Rohan Malik

    Chef Rohan Malik has a yen for fantasy shows and supercars.

    Rohan Malik, the young director, owner and executive chef at Muse Bar & Kitchen, is a peoplea��s person, a Cordon Bleu specialist with a knack for Mediterranean food, and usually the life of a party. We meet the man behind the apron.

    If not a chef and restaurateur
    A grease monkey.

    Describe yourself in five words
    Spoilt, stubborn, patient, loyal and diplomatic.

    Favourite pass-timeA�
    Lazing around.

    Favourite holiday destination
    Boracay (Philippines) for the beaches and kite-surfing.

    Craziest thing youa��ve done
    That is censored as Indulge is a family supplement too!

    Your favourite restaurant
    Lin Heung Tea House, Hong Kong.

    Your dream carA�
    At the moment, it has got to be the Jaguar MK2.

    Last big purchase
    The worlda��s smallest handcuffs.

    Most embarrassing momentA�
    Too many to mention. But I forget peoplea��s names and at times even after and through a long conversation, I keep using the wrong name.

    Your favourite outfit
    My birthday suit. I never grow out of it!

    Guilty pleasureA�
    Everything is better with butter.

    Secret fantasyA�
    To live in Rivendell (that is an Elven outpost in Middle-earth for the uninitiated!).

    Favourite film
    The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit.

    Swanky restaurant Vs home-cooked meal
    By a very small margin Ia��d pick a home-cooked meal.

    Chef Malik on Sundays
    Business as usual.

    Favourite TV show
    Game Of Thrones.

    Dream jobA�
    I am living the dream.

    Twenty years hence
    I will be 49.

    a�� Aakanksha Devi



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