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    If youA�are one of those whose New Year resolution list begins with a�?to lose 10 kgs this yeara��, then Orobind is for you. It is an app that is making it simple and easy for people to be healthy. It helps you connect with trusted personal coaches in your city thus making it possible to achieve your health goals.A�You can also schedule sessions, access your workout program, or get talking to the a�?Online Coacha�� with this one. Orobind was started in June 2014 by Satya Vyas and Shubhanshu Srivastava, friends and batchmates from IIT Roorkee. They would bounce a lot of ideas off each other while in college. They continued their friendship even later when Shubhanshu joined Snapdeal, while Satya was building a business at Chai Point.


    a�?Towards the end of 2013, a few events in my life led me to a point where I started to question the purpose of my life. After a lot of soul searching I realised that I wanted to build a company that could create the maximum positive impact on a usera��s life,a�? says Satya. After a few discussions with Shubhanshu, he concluded that if they could help people get fit and healthy, and scale that up using technology, then that would be the maximum impact they could create. Thus Orobind was born. Satya says, a�?The name is based on the Bengali derivation of my spiritual guru Sri Aurobindo. Once, I was roaming aimlessly in Pondicherry when I truly realised what I wanted to do with my life and more importantly what I didna��t. The name also helps us in ensuring that we always hold ourselves responsible to our customers (coaches and users) and always strive for perfection.a�?A�

    1601RadioLead4The app was officially launched at Mobile Sparks, YourStorya��s annual event dedicated to mobile startups, in December last year. a�?We decided to choose Mobile Sparks as the launch platform because it is one of the very few events in the country dedicated to the mobile industry. We also got a couple of customers post the event. So we are obviously very happy,a�? says Satya.A�

    Most of their customers are women who are engaging with Orobind to lose weight essentially. Surely worth a try, we think!

    Dipti Nair, consulting A�editor at YourStory.comdipti new

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