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    Radhika Apte talks about off-beat roles, her television debut and movies


    SIMPLE yet complex. That best describes Pune-born actress Radhika Apte. Be it her role as Sapna in the gangster movie Shor in the City or Nalini in the Tamil film, Dhoni, her roles have always had a trace of grey. With a host of films waiting to be released, the 29-year-old is making a foray into television for the first time with Anurag Basua��s Chokher Bali. She tells us more about the series:

    I signed up for Chokher Bali because it was Anurag Basu. It is like working on a mini-film. Right from the way it is shot to the costumes, everything about the series feels like a film. I havena��t read the novel or watched the movie. I did not want to burden myself, and was looking for a new interpretation.

    There is no one way of selecting a story. Sometimes it is the director. Even if the role is small it might be meaty and edgy. Sometimes it is the co-actor, sometimes the story is overwhelming or sometimes you just need the money.

    I am against any kind of struggle or typecast. Initially (2005), I took whatever came to me, but my roles were always different. I have moved out of my comfort zone and done films which have taught me a lot.

    After the Malayalam film, Haram, I have Hunter by debut director, Harshavardhan Kulkarni,coming out in February. Then there is Parched with Adil Hussain for next year and Mountain Man is also scheduled to release next year. Also in line is a satire with Kunal Kapoor called, Kaun Kitan Paani Mein.

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