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Spelling style while keeping you safePopeMobile

We are often awestruck when thoseA�special black VVIP cars zip by, followed by their serpentine motorcade. Though at
first glance they may seem easy targets, these cars are some of the most complicated and meticulously built machines, with safety as their priority.A�We introduce you to some of the best:

The Beast
The President of the United States doesna��t go anywhere without The Beast. Built on a truck chassis, but with the fascia of a Cadillac, it is probably the most secure four-wheeled vehicle in the world. It is bulletproof, can survive a chemical attack and has special tyres that can roll even when flat. The Beast is also equipped with state-of-the-art communications technology and some fire power to be on the offense.

The PopemobileBMW 7 Series High Security
This is a special class of security vehicle used by the Pope. The most famous one was the version based on the Mercedes-Benz M-Class, used by Pope Benedict XVI. Capable of driving at 257 kmph, this version cost close to Rs 3.30 crore. In fact, Pope Francis (the current leader of the Catholic Church) uses the M-Class for his international visits as well. On the domestic front, he uses a modified Jeep Wrangler.

The Delhi edition
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is usually ferried around in a BMW 760Li Security Edition when hea��s in the capital. This high-security set of wheels boasts of being able to withstand just about any attack. Even the bottom is plated to foil a landmine blast. The passenger chamber can be completely sealed off and the car carries its own oxygen tank. The ability
to function even with flat tyres is a standard fitment on these models.


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