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SnA� girl Sweta Mathur on the flexibility pop up shops afford and why her clothes may become a summer staple

Sweta Mathur, 29, a design student, launchedA� her western wear line for women, SnA�, almost two years ago. A pret line, she has tops, dresses and scarves, and insists her clothes can easily transform from one occasion to anothera��a vacation, casual outing with friends, evening weara��with minimal maintenance and elegant lines. a�?Since my student days I wanted to design a brand for women with beautiful, elegant cuts and soft, rich fabric. For me richness in fabric is its colour, weave and feel. I mostly work with natural fibres,a�? she says. Her second collection is inspired by soft viscose rayon. a�?It has a lovely fall and is very comfortable to wear and is perfect for a hotter climate,a�? she continues.

Mathur believes that comfort is the most important thing in clothingA� as , a�?in my experience, when clothes fit just right, there is an elegance in posture that emerges. This is the SnA� ladya��she is a person who is confident, simple, appreciates beauty, is elegant, fun and a traveller at heart,a�? says the designer from Bangalore who now calls Pondicherry her home. She believes in taking inspiration from everythinga��be it a flower, leaf, dance, photograph or a fish. a�?And thata��s why Pondicherry is so good for me. There is inspiration at every corner, a picture to be taken, a story to be written about. Hence, I always carry a sketch book with me.

It has a beautiful mA�lange of culture and visitors from elsewhere, giving you a glimpse of their world,a�? explains Mathur, who came to Pondicherry six months ago. For the time being, Mathur prefers retailing from pop up shops as it gives her a chance to meet customers directly. a�?Ia��m in talks with retail stores in Pondicherry, Bangalore and Chennai. I will have a store soon in Pondy. However, one can always sayA� a�?helloa�� on Facebook and order something from the collection,a�? she concludes.
Her dresses are priced from Rs. 890 onwards. Details: 7708273140, facebook.com/snoindia
a�� Mrinalini Sundar


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