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Returning to India, this Dutchman will have you in a trance with his ASOT festival

In 2013, he wowed fans with A State Of Trance, but Armin van Buuren is bringing back A State Of Trance in its latest avatar a�� the ASOT Festival. As part of the Sunburn and Percept Livea��s bid to change the way fans look at EDM, the shows in Hyderabad and Mumbai are expected to be a party. The five-time World Number One DJ divulges more, before his gig and release of Armin Anthems to celebrate 20 years as a producer.

India as a artiste space.
Indian fans have a great understanding of EDM, and the scene has only grown multifold since I last visited. Ita��s a cultural movement and I think only retrospectively will we be able to confirm that.

Collaborating with locals.
Ia��d love to do some experimental music with Anoushka Shanker or Zakir Hussain.

Current favourite DJ.
Dutch master-mixer Ben Liebrand. Also, Ia��m still in awe of DJs like Carl Cox and Sasha.

Switching around the set.
A DJ set is really based on what you feel. Ita��s really on-the-spot decisions which cater to the vibes, atmosphere and actual situation. But there are a few tracks Ia��d want to play because those will have prepared visuals.

What can the audience expect?
Ita��s going to be an intense night of eclectic trance, state of the art production and a stellar line-up. The State of Trance, my radio show, will now be turned into a full-scale festival. So I will have multiple rooms of different music in a big arena.

Popularity of trance.
Ia��ve got to be honest with you, I dona��t think that trance is the most popular sound right now in EDM, but I keep supporting it simply because I love it. It is really close to my heart.

What inspires you?
The ingredients for a great DJ a�� the connection to the audience, mixing your songs, song selection, and different emotional peaks, highs and lows a�� youa��re there, conducting it.

Tour essentials.
My fitness gear, a family photograph and a book.

If not a DJ youa��d have been?
I wanted to be a doctor, because my dad was a general practitioner and I liked everything that had to do with medical stuff. But, in Holland, only 1,500 students can join the basic medical school each year to become a doctor as it is very expensive. So I opted for law.
June 5, Hyderabad and June 6, Mumbai. Tickets (`3,000 upwards) on bookmyshow.com

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