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    Take a fast food trip across the globe at this new eatery

    food8anchor1Sometimes authenticity is really not what matters. What matters is taste, flavour, ambiance and company. At Food Trip, a cosy, darling little place, jostling for space between a dozen other eateries, boutiques and shops, your critiquing mind is best left at home as the food, though not strictly authentic is surely delicious, especially for a quick, fuss-free meal. So we stepped into this brand new place for lunch one rained out weekend, and left our reservations at the door. The mellow blue, coral and brown decor had a calming effect on us.

    Blonde wooden benches and tables form the furniture with cute wall art of iconic structures of some of the worlda��s greatest cities adding to the fun and quirkiness of the restaurant. The idea is to explore the different cuisines of the world through fast food and we simply love the concept. Each dish is served with your choice of carbohydrate a�� rice, wrap or burgerwich a�� a square-shaped burger.
    Down to business

    There are no starters here, but a�?Fries with Benefitsa�� a�� choice of French fries done three ways and a�?Short Expeditionsa�� or snacks. Wefood8anchor3 decided to make our way to the Caribbean with The Exotic One a�� fries with a tangy Caribbean-inspired flavouring and also chose a helping of Thailand with the Thai Corn Poppers. While the fries were completely addictive, we would have preferred the poppers with a little less ginger and garlic.
    For a�?Main Expeditionsa�� aka main course, we chose Empire Statea��s Spicy Chicken roll and the Punjabi Lion Tikka with rice. The roti was fresh, flaky and light and the New York-style filling with chopped bell peppers, onions, fried chicken and Tabasco sauce, was perfect. The rice too was impressive with succulent pices of chicken in a red gravy that ticked all the boxes. Other countries featured on the menu include Japan (Ninja Fried Chicken), and Mexico (El Raya��s Patatas).
    `450 for two. At JNC Main Road, Koramangala. Details: 9900073288

    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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