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    The stage is hers

    Shibani Dandekar is back on TV with an English music reality show

    Shibani Dandekar has hosted many shows in the past seven years, but her stint with the new show — The Stage — in her words, “ is groundbreaking”. A trained singer, Dandekar will also get the chance to sing on the show, so for her, it’s clearly not work. What’s even better is that the this show is looking for the best of English music talent, making it India’s first home-grown English music reality show. The first episode one saw see her introduce 20 contestants, and the jury — composer-guitarist Ehsaan Noorani, singer-music producer Vishal Dadlani, electronic musician Monica Dogra and Devraj Sanyal, MD and CEO of Universal Music Group (South Asia).

    “We found English musicians in the parts of country that you would not think of — Varanasi for example! They are such passionate kids. Yatharth Ratnam, at 18 years, is the youngest; I didn’t even have the brain power to do something like this at 18. It’s amazing see youngsters take on challenges, learn and grow,” says Dandekar. And she loves the format too! “Only judges get to vote. If you are good, you’re good, and if you’re not — you need to fix it,” she adds. Who’s the funniest? “Vishal! Sometimes he can be that Pentagram rocker, tough with words, and sometimes he can be a softie. Other times, he is fooling around. Ehsaan wants to make sure everybody is pitch-perfect. Monica wants you to perform from heart. And, Devraj is looking at things from the record label kind-of-vision,” she explains. Incidentally, the show has a Bengaluru-based contestant, Abhijit Gupta who runs a travel agency in the city.

    On Colours Infinity. 9pm.
    On Saturday and Sunday.
    —Barkha Kumari


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