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Gallery G curates an exhibition of three distinct artists

Representing three diverse forms of art on canvas, Gallery G brings under its roof three distinct artistic styles. Leo Pasquale from Sri Lanka with abstracts, Kandi Narsimlu from Andhra Pradesh with village portraiture, and Mumbai-based Priti Singh with a modern take on Indian mythology. The exhibiton, titled 2D3D, incorporates Narsimlua��s sculptures to pair with his paintings. a�?The paintings and their paired sculptures have a common running theme,a�? shares Gita Maini, of Gallery G.

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Pasqualea��s work is grounded in abstractionism. An artist who views art as a medium to express social currents, Pasquale studied art and even taught in NewYork for over a decade. Subtle and minimalist, his work isA� striking yet calming. Blacks, browns and beiges dominate his canvas with the occasional pop of colour.

Rustic Reflections by Narsimlu brings his native village to life through a generous mix of bright colours and dramatic detail. a�?He picks various characters from around the village and brings out their raw beauty and innocence through his sculptures and paintings,a�? explains Maini. Ethereal women with bright blue or orange skin a�� inspired by his native goddesses to a simple congregation of village folk to women going about their daily chores, Narsimlua��s portraits are bold yet simple.

Indian gods and goddesses dominate Priti Singha��s canvases in spunky modern avatars. From Brahma wielding laptops, phones and cooking utensils to Ram, Sita, Raavan and Hanuman on a couch with a teddy bear for company a�� a tongue-in-cheek depiction of spirituality. a�?Priti Singha��s work is geared towards younger buyers who like elements of tradition in their homes but in a revamped, modern form,a�? Maini points out. The kitschy collection is a gleeful display of colour.

Rs. 22,000 upwards. Until March 31. At Lavelle Road. Details: 22219275

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