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Gallery G curates an exhibition of three distinct artists

Representing three diverse forms of art on canvas, Gallery G brings under its roof three distinct artistic styles. Leo Pasquale from Sri Lanka with abstracts, Kandi Narsimlu from Andhra Pradesh with village portraiture, and Mumbai-based Priti Singh with a modern take on Indian mythology. The exhibiton, titled 2D3D, incorporates Narsimlu’s sculptures to pair with his paintings. “The paintings and their paired sculptures have a common running theme,” shares Gita Maini, of Gallery G.

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Pasquale’s work is grounded in abstractionism. An artist who views art as a medium to express social currents, Pasquale studied art and even taught in NewYork for over a decade. Subtle and minimalist, his work is  striking yet calming. Blacks, browns and beiges dominate his canvas with the occasional pop of colour.

Rustic Reflections by Narsimlu brings his native village to life through a generous mix of bright colours and dramatic detail. “He picks various characters from around the village and brings out their raw beauty and innocence through his sculptures and paintings,” explains Maini. Ethereal women with bright blue or orange skin — inspired by his native goddesses to a simple congregation of village folk to women going about their daily chores, Narsimlu’s portraits are bold yet simple.

Indian gods and goddesses dominate Priti Singh’s canvases in spunky modern avatars. From Brahma wielding laptops, phones and cooking utensils to Ram, Sita, Raavan and Hanuman on a couch with a teddy bear for company — a tongue-in-cheek depiction of spirituality. “Priti Singh’s work is geared towards younger buyers who like elements of tradition in their homes but in a revamped, modern form,” Maini points out. The kitschy collection is a gleeful display of colour.

Rs. 22,000 upwards. Until March 31. At Lavelle Road. Details: 22219275

—Susanna Chandy


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