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    The first edition of Sensorium Festival promises a small but serious showcase

    Erykah-Badu Credit: Farrokh ChothiaA casual conversation over drinks planted the seed for Sensorium, a new arts festival that debuted on December 6 in Goa. Curated by novelist Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi and Prashant Panjiar, founder of the Delhi Photo Festival, it is a small but serious event that explores the intersection of photography, literature, fine art, architecture, cinema and history. a�?This is a place where artists come together to create original work. Unlike most festivals, where guests coast on opinion, here theya��ve all made new and beautiful work,a�? begins Shanghvi.
    FG_01At the festivala��being conducted at the Sunaparanta Goa Centre for the Arts, in Panjima�� photography has been used as the point of confluence. Panjiar explains that instead of organising a regular photo festival, they wanted to a�?enlarge the canvas and focus on the documentation of different forms of art through the lens.a�?
    FG_04Spread over two months, the highlights include writer William Dalrymple speaking about his relative Julia Margaret Cameron, an influential 17th century photographer; Ritesh Batra, the director of The Lunchbox, presenting a digital photo show of dabbawallah; and Italian photographer Fausto Giacconea��s evocative tribute to author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. a�?I also love Farookh Chothiaa��s Jazz photographs, with an introduction by Salman Rushdiea��the unseen images are lyrical; (scriptwriter) Sooni Taraporevalaa��s photo stills from Salaam Bombay, which she has combined with her original screenplay, giving me another way to think about photography; and Sohrub Huraa��s deeply moving pictures of his mothera��ita��s my favorite novel of the season, writ large in pictures,a�? admits Shanghvi, adding that if there is another edition, he would like to explore music and politics.
    Till February 5. Details: sgcfa.org/sensorium.php


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