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    EARLIER this year, public and transit spaces in Delhi were transformed by the two-month street art initiative, the St+art festival. This October, the festival hits the streets of Bengaluru with artists from all over the world working on our streets and metro stations with their art work.
    a�?It is not only about the art itself. Through their works, we want the artists to spark conversations and discussions about the city and its spaces,a�? says Akshat Nauriyal, co founder of the St+art Indian Foundation, the organisers, adding, a�?It is very context driven. We want the spaces to become more interactive, as opposed to just passive structures that people walk through every day.a�?
    The St+art India Foundation is a non-profit that focusses on art in public spaces. Street art has never been very out there in India, and they aim to promote and encourage this medium, as well as the artists behind it who lack space. They do not want art to be restricted to an elitist environment, but instead for it to be accessible to all.
    The artists will be working in a few metro stations around the city, as well as areas like Cubbon Park and Majestic. Some of the city-based artists who are taking part are Shilo Shiv Suleman, Ullas Hydoor and Appupen. Some international names include Okuda from Spain, Remed from France and Artez from Serbia.
    The Bengaluru edition is co-organised by the Srishti School Of Art, Design and Technology and Art In Transit, an art initiative in association with the BMRC (Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation) for the betterment of public art.
    a�?We have received a lot of support which we did not expect for a project like this. The police have always been cooperative and we do all our work with proper permissions,a�? adds Nauriyal.
    The festival is also in association with Asian Paints who consider it their responsibility to enhance cityscapes.
    a�?We support the foundation and the artists, and are extremely proud to be associated with this initiative,a�? says Amit Syngle, president (sales & marketing and technology) Asian Paints, adding,
    a�?We believe this will bring a change and transform the cityscape

    October 1 onward.
    Details: st-artindia.org

    – Anagha M


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