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    A vast selectionA�of treatments at Rejuve to soothe the body this summer

    A MASSAGE in cold winter is always welcome, so when in the scorching heat, the Lalit Ashok offered us specially crafted summer options, we were excited to try them out. Calm ambience, light music and lemon grass aroma will soothe you before you even hit the massage rooms.

    MBAnchor2We opted for spa manager Dr Vasant Kumara��s suggestions a�� the rehydrate massage and the deep relaxation therapy, both using oils and scrubs to cool the body. Tenzin was the masseuse for the rehydrating session which began with an exfoliation. Using tamarind and cane sugar body scrub, she very gently ensured that the body was cleansed, stopping for a more pressured scrub at trouble spots like the knobbly knees. A quick shower followed the molasses scrub to further soothe the skin and get rid of grime. Then came the massage using pure Mysore sandalwood oil. The oil, lightly fragrant and tremendously cooling, was calming and had a healing effect on a few body bruises. And while Tenzin worked wonders on our tense muscles, the oil aided in lulling the body into a calm while simultaneously working on the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems.

    Oasis of calm
    The deep relaxation therapy too used the Mysore sandalwood oil for an indulgent top to toe massage. The cold potency of the oil helped us relax and drift off to sleep and we were glad that it didna��t involve any bone wrangling. Following a quick shower, a Dead Sea salt rose crystal scrub was lined up for a facial and foot scrub courtesy Forest Essentials. The gently exfoliating body polish also used elements of raw cane sugar to leave the skin smooth, soft and nourished.

    A few minutes in the steam and sauna enhanced the effects of the massage before a dip in the Jacuzzi gave the body one last massage. Feeling rejuvenated and pampered, we left the retreat ready to take on the rest of the summer.

    Rs. 3,000 upwards. At Kumara Krupa High Grounds. Details: 30527777

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