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    With his 17th movie,A� a paranormal comedy, releasing today, Sharman Joshi says he does not fear being typecast

    Sharman Joshi is a fun guy, one of the reasons he takes up completely unpredictable rolesa��like his latest, Raju Writer in Gang of Ghosts. Joshi was previously seen in movies like Life in aa�� Metro, Dhol, Rang De Basanti and his most memorable role, Raju Rastogi in 3 Idiots, for which he won the IIFA Award for best supporting actor. After Gang of Ghosts, the Mumbai-based actor awaits audience reaction to Hello 2. More from him:

    Gang a�� has a refreshing concept.
    A remake of Bengali film, Bhooter Bhabishyat, it has great entertainment value and is perfect for the masses. When I watched the Bengali version, I immediately fell in love with it. However, my character has been reworked in this movie. I play the role of a writer, who is plagued by a constant need to prove himself. He wants to make it big in the world of Hindi cinema.

    I do not discuss my scripts with friends and family.
    The movie has to appeal to me. Even if 20 per cent of the movie looks shaky, I do not take it up. A script, at its organic level, has to resonate with me. It could be any genre, with any number of actors, but it should be fun and grab my attention. Of course, the director is the captain of the film and and he is responsible for turning it into great work on celluloid.

    I somehow choose films that are unusual. Even though Life in a… Metro was a romantic movie, the romance was very different, as was my role. New age movies are being received well by the audience and even unusual movies can be commercially successful.

    Drama is something that comes naturally to mea��thanks to my theatre days, which helped me hone my acting skills. Comedy is difficult, but I enjoy it. I dona��t fear being typecast anymore. Ia��ve been in the industry long enough and tried different themes. But emotions are something that drive me. I do not need to prove anything to anybody.

    I would love to do other genres, like period or scifi, but I know my worth in the industry. And I know I need a high budget producer. I need to plan well in advance to make some noise and it will take time. These kinds of movies are expensive and I am not ready to take on such risks right now.

    I do believe in life after death. I have never encountered a ghost, but I would like to some day. I think it would be a lot of fun to meet one.

    Gang of Ghosts is scheduled to release today.

    a�� Mrinalini Sundar


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