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    A cafe that makes equal room for art and coffee

    On an unusually quiet, tree-lined bylane of Koramangala, is Dyu Art Cafe run by four lads from Cochin. Its sloping, tiled roof, wooden pillars and slate floors invite you to take a creative break in the middle of a busy day, while you sample their salads, sandwiches, coffee and infused teas in the midst of art work that is refreshed every 60 days.

    The place serves as the perfect backdrop for a changing collection of art and a friendly cashier will happily introduce you to the works on display. A bright courtyard serves as the dining area with an adjoining space for live performances.

    Food for thought
    Soothing world music sets the mood as you get comfortable on the wooden benches and walled-in platforms that serve as seating. The salads are of the simple tossed variety and the creamy pasta salad with chicken, tuna or vegetarian options. Wash it down nicely with their popular Soda Ice Tea a�� a refreshing, fizzy mix of freshly brewed tea and cold coffee made from diluted coffee decoction poured over a mug of ice and served with milk on the side.

    Tuna seemed to be on the cards as we decided on a tuna melt and tuna salad sandwich. The club sandwich here comes highly recommended as well. We could easily make a meal of the generously buttered and toasted brown bread, but add the lightly seasoned tuna and cheddar on the melt and it literally dissolves on your palate. For health buffs, it comes on a bed of fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Other options include, mixed vegetable, herb cheese (homemade cottage cheese with cream cheese and garden herbs), chicken and egg.

    For a true dessert indulgence, try their homemade banoffee pie, their rich chocolate cake or French toast with wild honey and whipped cream. Finish off with some house-ground coffee that can be filtered to your liking or brew a cup of flavoured and masala tea instead.

    Rs 500+ for two. 5th Block, Koramangala. Details: 9742076685

    a��Susanna Chandy


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