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    Painter AV Ilango on artistic enquiry, his new book and a new series of 40 paintings.

    AV Ilango is quite firm—his book, Coming Home to eARTh – Space. Line. Form (the first he has penned) is not meant to teach anyone how to hold a pencil and draw a line. Rather, it is an experiential one that details artistic inquiry and creative practice. “I am a self-taught artist and I’ve been doing this for over 40 years. In fact, it was one of my students who inspired me to put the concepts I have developed into a book,” he says, adding it has exercises and illustrative examples, so if someone “reads it sincerely, they will be able create work”. Though he launched the 350-pager—co-authored with Srivi Kalyan, a writer-artist—late last year at Art Bengaluru, he hopes the Chennai launch will reach more people. “Today, everyone is into their own subjective world, which is virtual. No one looks at a tree, feels a tree or understands a tree anymore. So we are asking people to reconnect, because art lets you be in the now,” says the 66-year-old former maths professor, who runs Ilango’s Art Space in the city and is an artist in residence at the Srishti School of Art and Design.
    He will also unveil a series of 40 drawings and paintings that explores space, line, form and time. “There is no one theme—I’ve explored movement in everything from dance to cock fights. I’ve been sketching dancers like Priya-darsini Govind for years now. After working on Bharatnatyam and Odissi, I am now fascinated by Mohiniyattam and I will add 15 new pieces,” he concludes.
    On April 2, at 6 pm, at Forum Art Gallery. Details: 42115596

    —Surya Praphulla Kumar


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