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    JSWa��s Abhisaran combines cultural heritage with industrial waste

    The JSW Foundation conducts Abhisaran, a three-week residency for select artists from across the Indian subcontinent. Translating to convergence, the residency currently underway, involves the coming together of 10 artists from five countries and uses the cultural heritage and also the industrial quality of Vijayanagara, a world heritage site, as an inspiration for their outputs. With raw materials as varied and unusual as metal scraps, local pottery, local crafts and industrial waste, the participants will be creating sculptures, paintings and installations, which will be showcased at various venues, at the end of the residency program.
    a�?In order to achieve our objective of sustainability and community development for the JSW Foundation, we zeroed in on the idea of converging 10 artists from five countries to present their interpretations of the historical ruins of Hampi and a new age township. Abhisaran is a dialogue in contemporary and performing arts across borders for a new age India,a�? explains Amit Jain, curator.


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    Participating artists include Baptist Coelho, Preksha Tater and Mrugen Rathod (India), Chinthaka Thenuwara and Pala Pothupitiya (Sri Lanka), Mahbubur Rahman (Bangladesh), Muzummil Ruheel and Seema Nusrat (Pakistan), and Sanjeev Mahajan and Sheelasha Rajbhandhari (Nepal). a�?They are in the process of ideating on how they will execute their work, after the first two days of raw-material-hunting, in a two-acre industrial junkyard,a�? reveals Jain.
    Iron ore and metal scraps are the main mediums, and some of the artworks will be accompanied with videos and music, recorded by the artists themselves. One highlight to come out of the residency will be an interactive piece of land art crafted from iron ore and coal. Put up at a JSW guest house and working out of Kaladhan, a cultural centre by the Jindals in Vijayanagar, an open studio where the public can view the residency in session is expected on November 29.
    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal


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