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    he last time you saw a radio station advertise their brand or show on any media platform was probably when the Haileya��s comet passed Earth. Ita��s strange that many radio units neglect the one major component that could run the engine efficiently and make selling easiera��reviving the marketing department from its existing flat-line state.
    Many stations have got it wrong when they think that Facebook can substitute a marketing team. Yes, social media works but it takes an effort to create an audience for that as well. No one is David Blaine here and ita��s obvious that these stations are myopic in thought and lack the ability to think big.
    When it comes to hiring a marketing platoon in a radio unit there is always this feeling of a�?do we need them at all?a�? A colleague once told me that there is no need to hook up a team to market a radio station as even the security guard could help out with a million ideas. That was my first priceless learning about how a station should be marketed and, seriously, who needs to check in to the IIMs if we have such extraordinary humans around.
    Radio stations today compromise when it comes to marketing and that is evident in the little that they do when they have an on-ground event. A standee here, a banner there, along with a few balloons, quite literally sums up the so-called marketing exercise. Ita��s time to generate marketing-driven revenue. This would only complement the other teams, namely sales and programming.
    Radio units should stop behaving like miserly millionaires when it comes to recruiting a marketing department because ita��s their visibility at the end that is getting fogged up. A lot of radio units believe they have this aura which makes them irresistible and that helps attract listeners from all parts to flock to them. Imagination is needed to create a great brand, but unfortunately hallucination demands immediate medical help.
    See you next week with more radio talk.

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