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    A vocalist and dancer collaborate for an interactive experience

    Bhoomija, the performing arts trust behind shows like The Manganiyar Classroom, and Jackfruit festival, brings to the city acclaimed artistes, Aruna Sairam and Malavika Sarukkai, who will collaborate for Sammohanam, a celebration of music and dance. a�?This is a show by two artistes who admire each othera��s work,a�? shares Sairam. a�?Essentially, ita��s a dialogue between a singer and a dancer. We hope the synergy between the two of us comes across in our performance,a�? adds the stellar vocalist.

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    The theme is sringara, an emotion that encompasses all the nine others. As each piece unfolds, a different emotion is depicted and culminates in bhakti, something Sairam believes is at its core, very Indian. The artistes have left a lot of room for spontaneity and improvisation a�?That is the hallmark of classical art form. The ability to create something beautiful in the heat of the moment,a�? Sairam tells us.
    Sarukkaia��s classical style of dance pushes boundaries, and goes beyond the framework of the traditional. a�?My art is not just something that is pretty to watch. I would say that the show is a well balanced programme of song, dance and music,a�? says Sarukkai.
    Collaborating for the first time with Sairam, Sarukkai says she comes away from rehearsals with so much positive energy. a�?She is such a, proactive person to work with. We connected instantly, first as people, then artistes and that has helped greatly,a�? Sarukkai signs off.

    March 6 at MLR Convention Centre, JP Nagar and March 8 at Chowdaiah Memorial Hall. Tickets (`300) on bookmyshow.com

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