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    With painting classes featuring bugs and fruits, Rainbow Fish Studio gets children to appreciate everyday design

    photo(8)Summer is here but that does not mean the learning has to stop. Keep your kids busy with 25 different courses at Rainbow Fish Studio Kottupuram, launched on April 14. According to Sara Vetteth, the creator, the workshops are divided into three age-based categories a�� five to seven, seven to 10 and 10 to 14. a�?This (the workshops) will change the way students see the design of everyday things like the toothbrush, the neighbourhood temple or how they appreciate the lines of a painting. We encourage students to make connections between art and the subjects they learn in school. Our long-term vision is to integrate our carefully constructed art modules into mainstream education,a�? begins Vetteth, who started off writing art books for kids (available at Tulika book store). a�?We already have 130 registrations for our first workshop,a�? she shares. Besides Vetteth, the team has 14 faculty membersa��including Uma Krishnaswamy, who illustrates books and bags for kids; Mugdha Sethi, who runs a design studio; andA� Kalpana Balaji, an architect.

    From butterflies to bugs
    Be it painting, illustration, design, architecture, pottery or sculpture, the studio has it all. This summer, they have Art with Foods, Art about Food, where children learn to draw still life with fruits and vegetables. a�?We explore printmaking with vegetables and make art using pasta, grains and pulses,a�? says Vetteth. Their Wings, Antennae and Claws is also an interesting concept, whereA� children draw with bugs, butterflies and birds as theirA� models.

    The 3D attraction
    Vetteth teaches 3D and mixed media through warm colours (associated with daylight) and cool colours (associated with an overcast 4-aaaaasky). a�?We help children draw self portraits using Andy Warhola��s famous print style as inspiration. We explore the crayon resist technique with ink, using tissue paper, a toothbrush and an earbud to learn various approaches to art. We also create mixed media creature masks,a�? she says. There is also aA� 3D Art and Sculpture class to sign up for.

    They have five-day workshops in art, design, pottery and sculpturea��from Monday to Fridaya��for each of the three groups. There is also a three -hour workshop (on Saturdays) on photography, information design, and more. At Rs. 2,800 for a week. Details: 24470438

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