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Handmade folders, cloth bags and calendars, at Art-Y-Fair

ARE there times when you feel the need to engage closely with art, and not just look at it hanging on a wall? Perhaps make it a part of your routine? Thata��s what Tasmai art gallery is trying to achieve with the second edition of its Art-Y-Fair.1

The 10-day event is not just about replicating artwork on souvenirsa��though you will find a few paintings printed on coffee mugs. a�?We want to encourage artists and artisans to come up with creative objects or what we call art-y-facts,a�? says Kirti Chandak, the founder of Tasmai. The result of this artistic outpouring is seen in the form of spray-painted files with stencilled flower motifs, thick handmade paper folders covered with Spanish marbling and hand-painted cards with rustic themes. a�?People from the cities are thrilled to find a folder or a card that is handmade and hand-painted,a�? shares Chandak. Marbled cotton stoles and saris from Lakshmi Kraft in bright hues await those who want to wear art.

Cloth bags hand woven by tribal women in Igatpuri (Maharashtra) have been embroidered with kolam designs by local women, to create an alternative to plastic bags. But stealing the show are duppatas and saris from Kalahasti in Andhra Pradesh. Designed by Krishna and Lakshmi Reddy, these are printed with Kalamkari motifs and filled in with natural dyes (around Rs.1,500). Also pick up the 2016 calendara��designed around the theme of upcycled installationsa��which will be launched today.

Till Sunday, at Kuruchikuppam. Details: 0413 2221052

a�� Olympia Shilpa Gerald


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