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    Photographer Steevez tells us about his style and why you should hire him

    Steevez Rodriguez is not your regular DSLR wielding photographer. To him, photography is just a medium and the idea and emotions he conveys take precedence over the cameras he uses. This Madurai lad was in class 10 when he got his first camera a�� a point and shoot Sony a�� and there was no stopping him beyond that. After a course in the basics of photography from Ambitions Four in Chennai, he went on to complete his Visual Communication at Loyola and then headed to Speos Photographic Institute in Paris to specialise in photo journalism.
    Style quotient
    1A look at Rodrigueza��s pictures on Facebook reveals a style that is documentative and tells a story / view / idea. And since returning after his course in Paris earlier this year, Rodriguez recently participated in the Art of the Matter exhibition by Tribal Hearts Foundation and is taking up commissioned work before heading to Bangladesh to join Pathshala, and study photo documentation. This 21-year-old, who also worked on the video about Chennai for Madras Day, has exhibited his work at Lavo Matik, a street art and graffiti gallery in Paris. a�?I will be doing a follow up to it in January,a�? he shares, adding, a�?I did three months of research on graffiti artists before shooting 20 artists over two weeks.a�?
    Picking favourites
    When asked about his favourite work till date, Rodriguez immediately says, a�?Yen Yennangal or My Thoughts. It is a series of photographs that I started taking three years ago and will continue. They portray controversial and provocative subject like religious and societal practices.a�? This style of his has been inspired by the works of Henri Cartier Bresson and Antoine Da��agata. So, if you are looking for some documentary-style photography to be completed over the next few weeks, we suggest getting in touch with Rodriguez, who charges from `10,000 onwards for a series. Details: thesteevez.com, 9677006381.

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