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    Mamagotoa��s new menu promises some brave experiments

    Fittingly called Asian Experiments, Mamagotoa��s new menu mixes Asian ingredients, sauces, cooking principles and elements with global cuisine. For instance, their slim sumo salad, mixes the South American quinoa with a piquant Thai dressing of mangoes, cherry tomatoes and birds eye chillies, a salad which started our meal.

    The nutty quinoa soaked up the Thai flavours rather well and piqued our interest for the rest of the meal. We also tried the honey and mint (other flavours available are blueberry, lychee and orange) pop rock, a vodka, honey and mint concoction thata��s poured over traditional Indian shaved ice golas. We found the cocktail to be too sweet for our liking but the addition of the chaat masala, much as it is done on a traditional gola, won us over.

    Up next was the Osaka hummus, a wasabi spiked hummus topped with miso flavoured chicken to be mopped up with freshly baked pita bread. The hummus and miso chicken were a marriage made in heaven as was the unusual pairing of ravioli stuffed with goat cheese, tossed in a mango and tamarind sauce.

    The intensely salty cheese complemented the sweet sauce beautifully. Other mains to try were the Saigon bowl, a Vietnamese style chicken marinated with pepper, garlic and soy, rice vermicelli and cucumbers, tossed in scallion chilli oil. Our absolute favourite was the Thai go go fish, a yellow curry that singed our tongues but went so well with sticky rice.

    The potatoes in it were a lovely and unusual addition. The prawn and egg chilli sauce curry (served in the tradition of the famous India-influenced Singapore curries) was too sweet but we liked munching on the accompanying fried Chinese mantau buns. We stuck to our trusty Mamagoto dessert, the crunchy Nutella mouse, with a base of crumble, to end our lunch. On the whole, we found the new menu to be a bit on the sweeter side so ask your server to tone down the sweetness a bit when you order.
    `1,700++ for two. At Indiranagar. Details: 40937237
    a�� Amrita Bose


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