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    A futuristic version of the iconic Yellow Pages, Supertext, a Whatsapp or SMS- based aggregator, lets you skip all of the number-finding and calling, by doing the back end work for you. Almost working like a personal assistant whoa��ll do anything (well, almost) you ask them too, this app helps automate and delegate low decision making functions like ordering groceries, hiring handy men and arranging transport. If youa��re a couch potato, theya��ll even get you the meaning of a word or order you a pizza.
    Started on May 25 by Mathew Johny, Avinash Hegde, Nithish Rajpurohit and Sai Krishna, this app was created because they a�?wanted to be part of the next big technology disruptora��. a�?Being excited techies, we all used multiple apps but realised that apps had overlapping functions,a�? begins Johny, explaining that after pulling an all-nighter, they created Supertext. a�?One month later, we are working out of two offices, have serviced over 1,000 requests and are hoping to hit a larger scale and be able to reach out to the huge number of mobile users who dona��t have smartphones, and smartphone users who prefer using an all in one service,a�? he shares. So while you avoid talking to the multiple vendors, the team has partnered with multiple local vendors and other startups, along with an in-house delivery team working on point-to-point delivery. a�?We definitely used to get a lot of inappropriate requests! But it is steadily declining as we explain the legal limitations,a�? he quips.
    Currently servicing Bangalore but with plans of hitting the other metros in the next six months, Supertext is free as of now. They charge cost price of product or service with nominal delivery charges on specific products and personalised requests.
    Whatsapp or text 8884455506 for services.
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