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Nobody talks of the delicicacies of this state, but Hyderabad Marriott Hotel is celebrating it with a pop-up

There are not many people who have heard of authentic Assamese cuisine as there are hardly any restaurants serving this food. To break the ignorance, Hyderabad Marriott Hotel at its restaurant Bidri has organised Assamese Pop-Up titled a�?Khuwar Amez Louk’. They flew sous chef Kashmiri Nath from Assam.
Assamese has words similar to that of Bengali hence, you get to hear words like luci for luchi. Well, the starters had luci, aloo bhaji and bilahi ambol, Anguli Pitha, Bhaat Karela, Maas Khorika and Kukura Khorika. Best of the starters was luci with aloo bhaji. Puris were served with potato fries made Indian style relished as breakfasts in manyhomes. The main course was served in a thhali with fine steamed rice surrounded by steel katoris of Kukura Aloo Kurma, Fish Tenga, Maangsho Rongalu, Aloo Pitika, Bengena Pitika, Lou Bhoja, Omita Maahor Khaar, Masoor Dal, Xaak Bhaji. The desserts were the best as we tasted the same at the preview lunch. There was Komolar Kheer, Kola Bora Sawwal Paiyox, Narikol Pitha and Bora Sawaal. Komolar Kheer was nothing but kheer made with orange chunks cooked in thickened milk. What we also liked was Kola Bora Sawwal Paiyox which was a pudding of black rice. That had taken a deep pink after cooking.
The festival will be on till June 26. Charges: Rs 1,500++ taxes for the non-veg plated menu while for the veg menu it is `1,200++ taxes. Time: Both lunch and dinner
Details: 2752 2999

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