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    What to expect at the Spanish food and wine celebration hosted by the executive chef of the Torres winery

    The first thing I ask chef Sergio Millet Corbera is about working right next to a vineyard. a�?The restaurant is located in a typical, old Catalan house, surrounded by vineyards and organic gardens. We have our own chickens that graze in the gardens,a�? he tells us, about the private restaurant of the Torres winery in Spain, where he is the executive chef. I try to brush aside images of a day at said vineyards, and we get to discussing the purpose of his first visit to Chennai. a�?We will be doing an a la carte menu at Foccaccia, and I will create a special tapas menu for the bar. As for the wine dinner, I will be doing a traditional Spanish Catalan menu,a�? he shares plans for tonighta��s wine dinner at Hyatt Regency, that will be paired, obviously, with a selection of wines from Torresa�� cellars.

    Sauces and wines

    Though it is not his first time in country a�� he has made trips on similar Spanish food and wine promotions, to Delhi and Bangalore in the past a�� he is quite excited about this visit. a�?My last trip was about a year and a half ago, and now I will be seeing Chennai and Goa for the first time. So therea��s a lot for me to look forward to on this trip,a�? laughs the chef, who says that he tries to adapt to the ingredients available in a country. a�?Finding the right ingredients is a challenge, so I try to keep it simple. And that is the beauty of Spanish food a�� our methods are simple, but the food is tasty,a�? he beams. And that said, he promises us a Paella done with Italian rice, ham with romesco sauce and desserts like cream Catalan. a�?All paired with wines of different oaking and from different parts of the Catalan region.a�?

    Lessons from Spain

    The wine dinner aside, there is more to look forward to, as the chef, who will be in the city for a week, will also be conducting cooking classes. a�?For the class I will be preparing everything from scratch. We will do a four course meal and I will teach you to make a simple Spanish dessert a�� choco cream with olive oil and salt,a�? he promises, and leaves me with a quick lesson for a Catalan base sauce. a�?Cook onions with olive oil till they caramalise and then add tomatoes a�� thata��s sofrito, and you can make anything with it.a�?
    The Spanish wine dinner takes place tonight at Rs 4,000 plus tax. The cooking class on December 2 costs Rs 2,500 plus tax, inclusive of lunch. Details: 61001234

    a�� Ryan Peppin


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