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City-specific apps that can make your life a bit easier

Share My Cab: With taxi fares going through the roof, how many of us have wished we could share our cab with someone and divide the fare? Once you have registered with this app, you can locate people who want to travel on the same route as you, choose the number of co-passengers youa��d like and even prune your search according to gender. Available for Android. Details: sharemycab.vacationlabs.com

Chennai Power: Dona��t be caught with a cake in the oven or your torch batteries on the fritz. This app keeps you updated with load shedding timings around the city, along with the duration of the power cut. It also gives you the option to share the information on social network, through mail or via message. Available for Android. Details: play.google.com

JusFood: With over 100 restaurants on board, JusFood is the latest app that lets you order food with your smartphone. So the next time you crave a Hyderabadi chicken biryani or an Italian pizza, just browse restaurant menus, view ratings and find out which restaurants provide home delivery. Available for Android. Details: jusfood.com

HealthKartPlus: Even if you have your neighbourhood medicine shop on your speed dial, this one is a handy app. Owned by the online health shop, HealthKart, it lets you search for your prescribed medicine or choose from alternatives with the same drug content. It also shows you the correct amount of dosage for each drug, side effects, and other related information. Available for Android and iOS.
Details: healthkartplus.com

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