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The newly-opened garden cafe offers a beautiful seating area with innovative delights

How would you like to spend your weekend afternoons? Under a fragrant Nagamalli tree, biting into variants of burgers prepared Hyderabadi way? Try it your way at The Autumn Leaf Cafe, Jubilee Hills. Opened by young entrepreneurs, this garden cafe is fast becoming a hit with the young crowd given its beautiful interiors, alfresco seating and food thata��s both unique and scrumptious. The decor
Thick foliage of magnolia and Queen of the Night greet you as you enter this place. To the left is the garden area complete with tiny ponds with a tadpole or two splashing in the water. In the middle of the garden stands the star tree i.e., of Cannonball Tree with deep-pink leathery flowers. Around the tree are placed tables and chairs in fine wood. By night, the trees glitter thanks to the lamps on the branches. The square milky-white rooms have solid wood furniture with bookshelves in the corners.

The delights
The open kitchen in the garden dominates the area. An experienced chef Suresh from Nepal handles it. They have interesting items to offer starting with English breakfast, egg frittatas, bruschettas to pork chops. We liked Curried Potato Leak Soup with spices of Madras which was cooked well enough for the potatoes to reach a melting consistency. The mushroom soup is creamy and the texture is really smooth when warm. They also serve Avgolemono, a Greek soup with basil oil, lemon and rice. From the small plates section, we tried chicken wings done in three varieties viz Fiery Buffalo Sauce, Parmesan Garlic Butter and Barbecue Sauce. Informed Nivi one of the cafe owners, a�?We dry tomatoes our way. I even go into the kitchen and rustle up a few dishes. After much trial and error, we have created a few of our own such as Route 66 Burger we thought of making while at Mother Road, US. We added our twist with fried onions, local style, in the burger.a�?

Price & portion
The portions are generous, especially when it comes to the Falafel Burger (large `190) and comes with a handful of crunchy French fries.We recommend you taste Goat Cheese in Phyllo Puffs served with tamarind chutney. The caramelised onion and olives inside make for an excellent flavour. They serve four of it on a platter. It comes for `280. You can wash down the delicacies with a variety of teas and smoothies. We were amazed at the name Billimalai Special Winter Oolong. The name a�?Billimalaia�� conjured a picture of a black cat licking cream off the bowls! Partners Deepti and Nivi laugh out loud to explain, a�?Ita��s the name the plantation which is actually Vellimalai Estate in North East.a�? This cafe is a place worth a visit to have a nice conversation over delicious food in the midst of nature. Just watch out for the seasonal bugs as they come from under the thick tree-leaves. Time: 12 noon-10.30 pm. Details: 9963201589

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