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DirectorRam Gopal Varma may have left A�the city two decades ago, but we still love him and his baby

CERTAIN people have a timeless appeal. No matter where they live, they manage to haunt us like a ghost. Filmmaker-turned-philosopher Ram Gopal Varma, RGV to his friends, fans and foes, is the man in context.
Hyderabad has had the pleasure of hosting him for a few years, in the 90s to be precise. Our city was perhaps way too much groomed for this man who gets bored in no time. We all know his three favourite a�?wa��s – wine, women and work. Or so proclaims RGV whether he is asked or not.
After engaging the Hyderabadis actively into conversation and criticism, the man who left from here pressed the restart button with his newly established Company in Mumbai. Of late, it has become so much of a tourist attraction that all my Hyderabadi friends were curious to know more.
RGV was always clear that he would never walk into someonea��s creation, but will build his own nest, with him as the centrepoint of course. It has always been his dream to thoughtfully do it up with things and people he loves and in that order. So one can naturally expect a Bruce Lee and a Big B for sure adorning his rooms. His place houses enough technology to take you fastforward 20 years from now.
I felt like I was entering a beast’s den. One where you may or may not come back alive! It was dark, deep and was telling me a compelling story. One that is about a man who lives in multiple realities at the same time. Dreams apart,the bigger story, however, is that people in Hyderabad cheered more for my Mumbai pics on Facebook as though I landed on Mars while I was actually at Company. I fell for it momentarily and started feeling like PSLV 10. That is when it struck me that it is not me and that the world is still awed by RGVa��s opinions.
Every interview he gives manages to get huge viewership and every one of his tweets is a point of debate. I have begun to understand that it is not what he says but more often how and in what context he says that strikes a chord. Being a city where we love spice all we need is that bit of pepper to make conversations more entertaining. The most entertaining star of the decade goes to…

-Swapna Sundari


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