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    This bar and kitchen takes inspiration from the country down underA�

    ITa��S QUITE easy to miss Kangaroo Bar and Kitchen. Ita��s perched on the fourth and fifth floors of the Lancer building that also houses Nimisserie, off Wood Street, and doesna��t have a signboard yet. But once you get past its doors, especially during the evening, the hassle of finding the place can be excused, thanks to its yellow, well-illuminated, oval-shaped bar that instantly cheers one up. Ita��s got aboriginal and kangaroo motifs running around the space. Also, the view of the bustling Brigade Road and tall trees which are within view, owing to its glass facade, are a treat to the eyes. However, we found the floor above, packed with a dance floor, a hookah corner, a few chairs, and a smoking zone, a bit stuffy.
    We went back downstairs, crossing wall art that offered a glimpse of the sands and spirit of Australia. The food menu covers a few Australian, Mexican, Thai and Indian dishes, but has more Italian and American favourites. Expect the usual suspects a�� burgers, pastas, sandwiches, and tikkas. The absence of desserts is a little shocking, but the management is planning on introducing it soon.
    For your fill of Australian cuisine, choose from the a�?Steaks All Time Australian Favouritea�� section, or ask for a Kangaroo Caesar Salad, Australian Bacon Wrap (with garlic aioli, pickled veggies, hummus and tahini sauce), and a platter of Australian Mixed Chops (pork chops, smoked sausages, fried eggs, cubed chicken steaks, ham, bacon, meatloaf and fried tomato).Wea��re told that more Australian treats, wines and beers will be added to the menu in the coming days. Meanwhile, you can choose from a selection of cocktails, mocktails, and Kangaroo Shooters that come with quirky names and few strange ones, like Sex With An Alligator (sour mix, midori, raspberry schnapps and jagermesiter) and Abortion Shot (peach schnapps, baileys and grenadine).
    We were off to a good start with the Broccoli Almond Soup, thanks to its sweet notes, crunchy almond flakes and smooth, buttery texture. Then came the Melbourne Cheese Balls. If not for the slightly undercooked panko cover, the mound of pan-seared minced chicken, green chilies and lots of cheese is a good starter. We loved the strong kick of crushed pepper. Sydney Fries, with its platter of potato fries, and drizzle of white sauce and burnt garlic, is a good option too. If you have a taste for super spicy food, their Pepper Chicken wona��t disappoint. Marinated in hot chilli sauce and garlic oil, it is put together with peri peri, chermoula, crushed pepper, onions and garlic. We felt that ours was a little on the cold side and needed a tad bit more salt.
    The medium-rare Porter House Steak, was juicy enough and topped with chermoula sauce. Their Aussie Lamb Burger is a meal in itself, and arrives with a patty of minced lamb, mustard mayo, cheese, mushroom, fried eggs, lettuce and tomato, with a side of potato wedges.

    Rs 1,500 for two people (approx) with alcohol. At Brigade Road. Details: 25306666
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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