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    Enjoy an overload ofA� electro, dance, disco and soul by Aussi DJ Astro Black, this weekend

    Catch DJ Astro Black and Bollywood singer Runa Rizvi tomorrow at Leather Bar as he comes to the city with his up-beat dance, electro and disco fillers. FromA�Australia, he has music in his blood, literally. His father was a drummer, his mother a singer, and he always knew that music was his calling. In fact he considers it his saviour even. a�?It can be dangerous growing up in the streets of Los Angeles,a�? shares the L.A. born musician, a�?you can easily go the wrong way and my music, my church, and some very good mentors kept me out of trouble.a�?

    Runa-Rizvi-Copy-of-IMG_9695On the sixth note
    Astro has been performing professionally since the age of 15. He is also currently a producer at United States of Music. a�?The journeya��s been amazing,a�? he says. a�?I travel the world, do what I love, and meet great people.a�?A� His favourite artistes include Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye. He has performed with the likes of Shaggy and Arrested Development. a�?It was awesome,a�? he says of the experience. a�?You learn so much about how to conduct yourself in front of an audience from them, and about professionalism and not getting swept away by the super star air.a�?He loves playing festivals, where the vibes are brilliant, and says his dream venue to perform at would undoubtedly be The Sydney Opera House. He also loves playing India, which he considers a second home. a�?The people are just so open, warm and friendly,a�? he says. This is the sixth time Astro is playing at a venue in Chennai. Come Saturday, he plans to play a lot of funky new disco music. It is a standalone performance that will form part of The Park groupa��s Indiearth initiative.

    Rich and famous
    To aspiring DJs, Astro says the most important thing is trying to be versatile and to learn about the history of the music youa��re playing. a�?Always keep your ears open to all kinds of music,a�? he adds. He personally considers his good musical knowledge his greatest asset.
    Presently, Astroa��s schedule is crowded with touring commitments. Apart from dates in India and Australia, he also has appearances in Korea and Spain scheduled for later this year. a�?After that ita��ll be back to the studio for the first half of next year at least,a�? he says, signing off.

    At The Park on July 5, 9 pm onwards. Details: 9884493601

    -Krishna Trilok


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