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    The superhero app of auto rickshaws is here

    Wea��ve all been through the gruelling process of catching an auto rickshaw. Either the metre is rigged or youa��re refused a ride to your destination. And if the driver is not guilty of those, then hea��ll probably take you to Jayanagar via Beijing. But thanks to the father-son duo of Partharsarathy and Aravind MA, the men behind Happy Auto, you can bid adieu to that.

    a�?Despite police action in terms of imposing fines, suspending driver licenses and other forms of punishment, there has been no change in the behaviour of auto drivers. We wanted to change the way the public looks at auto drivers and also get them to treat the public as their customers and work towards their satisfaction,a�? begins Partha-sarathy, adding that instead of punishing the a�?bada�� autos, rewarding the a�?gooda�� ones will be encouraging to the auto community.

    Happy travels
    To get involved in this process of cleaning up the auto rickshaw rides, all you need to do is download Happy Auto and register your name and number. Then, every time you ride a rickshaw, you can log on with the auto registration number as well as the driver identification number. The commuter gives responses to five simple queries, which then give an overall rating in the range of 0-10 based on an internal algorithm. a�?When we accumulate such feedback for each auto over a period of, say 6 months, and if the final average rating of an auto (or driver) is 8 or more out of a possible 10, the Bangalore Traffic Police invites the auto driver and issues a Happy Auto sticker, which he can paste on his auto,a�? he explains. Following that mark of appreciation, commuters can easily identify Happy Autos and choose them over unmarked ones. A lovely effort in our books, and a hopeful attempt at letting citizens get home without fear of being stranded in a dark alley on the wrong side of town.

    Details: play.google.com

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