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    When mGaadi brings an auto to your doorstep

    The city is no stranger to call-auto services. While players like Makkal Auto and SMS Auto are trying to up their game, there could soon be a new player in town. Founded by entrepreneurs Solomon Prakash and Vishy Kuruganti, mGaadi is a dial-an-auto app that recently launched in Bangalore and is eyeing Chennai next. a�?There was no effort to organise the rickshaw sector, though in all major cities they are very important for commuters on a daily basis,a�? Prakash says, adding that Kuruganti was also exploring the social enterprise space. Together, they formed India Drivers Network Services Pvt Ltd, the parent company of this service.

    How it works
    Connect through an upcoming mobile app on Android, Windows and iOS, log on to their site, find.mgaadi.com, or call 080 42421414 (for Bangalore residents). Like radio cabs, the customer care will locate the nearest ride and, if he is willing to make the journey, the drivera��s number and details will be sent to you. And while mGaadi cannot ensure an auto will reach you, they do expect that one of the 4,000 mGaadi-linked autos will turn up! a�?There is a small mGaadi sticker on the auto so you can identify them,a�? shares Prakash. Speaking about their expansion plans to Chennai, he says, a�?We are sussing the market, trying to see how we can seamlessly enter. We plan to hold initial tests in October,a�? adding that they hope to expand to eight cities, including New Delhi and Mumbai.

    What we love
    The company deals with five-star rated auto drivers who are agreeable to make the destination runs, have accurate metres, and who are safe, rule-abiding, pleasant and polite. All for just `10 extra. Currently, they offer mGaadi and mGaadi express (a higher level of service and easier payment). Details: mgaadi.com

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