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Paint jobs that seem like theya��ve come from the future.

A car that can power itself from its paint and another that can change colours. These might seem like vehicles out of a James Bond movie, but soon they may just be some of the choices offered by your neighbourhood car dealership.

Ultra-Ever Dry

Slush and oil is said to simply slide off this hydrophobic and oleophobic paint, without leaving behind a scratch. The Ultra-Ever Dry creates a film of air between external particles and the body of the car. First tested, and successfully demonstrated, on a Nissan Note in April 2014, the current production version is still a few years away.
Details: spillcontainment.com

Multi-Voltaic2_Mercedes-Benz multi voltaic silver paint
In 2014, Mercedes-Benz showcased the Vision-G code concept. The car is powered by an electric motor and a supercharged hydrogen fuel cell, which manufactures its fuel from the cara��s paint job. The multi-voltaic silver coat doubles as a paint-on solar cell and the movement of wind over the body generates the charge required to produce hydrogen.Details: mercedes-benz.com

40b4_3Chroma Flair
The reflective and refractive properties of Chroma Flair produces a colour-changing effect. The pigment used for this type of paint job is trademark protected and is composed of aluminium flakes coated in glass-like magnesium fluoride embedded in chromium. As the car moves, the colour of the body paint changes depending on where you are seeing it from.Details: specialistpaints.com


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