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    At the Cosmoglitz Beauty Awards

    It was all about awards this week, as the red carpet played host to celebrities both on screen and off. Us TV buffs were glued to our screens for the 66th Emmy Awards. Not too surprising considering all anyone can talk about these days is Game of Thrones or Scandal, with conversations disintegrating into yet another debate about the finale of How I Met Your Mother. As one of the presenters said, a�?The golden age of television is here,a�? no longer playing second fiddle to its a�?high maintenancea�� competitor a�� movies.
    VST-awardsMeanwhile, in Chennai, the fashion brigade was getting its groove on at the Cosmoglitz Beauty awards. The inaugural edition of the awards honoured the best from the fashion and beauty industry a�� from top models, to those who work behind the scenes. And to present the awards, a huge line up of actresses who didna��t seem to mind too much that, for once, they werena��t the recipients. a�?Flawless Face of the Yeara��, went to the stunning Pradhayini Sarvothaman, again not much of a surprise considering her face is on almost every billboard across the city, while Alkhas Joseph took home a�?Fitness Guru of the Yeara��.
    khaoextraThe second set of awards were the Women Achievers Awards, an initiative of VST Grandeur in association with Ritz magazine. Sanjeev Subramanian said the celebration of the 375th anniversary of Madras Day was the perfect opportunity to honour the women who have contributed to shaping this city. Plus, it gave the ladies a chance to take a look at the latest from Jaguar and Land Rover. The awardees included Dr Vijailakshmi Acharya, Kiran Rao, Sara Vetteth and Dipika Pallikal.
    Talking about the Madras Week, one of the most popular events lined up was the Madras to Mandalay talk, tracing the Burmese history in Madras. At the event curated by Geeta Doctor, speaker S Muthiah was more than informative about the Nattukottai Chettiar connection with Burma, while Visalakshi Ramaswami displayed Burmese artefacts and MV Subbiah was a surprise speaker who presented an account of his recent trip to Mandalay. Guests got to taste a hearty khao swe, courtesy chef Rajesh, a fitting end to the evening.

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