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    Lakshmy Ramanathana��s For Bumpier Times tells you what to follow and what not to, when you are expecting

    Nothing can prepare you for the avalanche of well-meaning,A� although often unsolicited, advice comes your way if you are an expectant or young mom. Targeting mums and soon-to-be-mums, the recently-launched book, For Bumpier Times, deals with the tussle between tradition and science when it comes to new born babes, mothers and the extended family.

    Tips and tricks
    Comprising 101 reviews of common pregnancy and childbirth practices, LakshmyA�A� Ramanathan, the author and former Chennai-based journalist, says the book came about after she had her daughter four years ago. a�?Until my daughter turned two-and-a-half, I kept getting a lot of advice. In India, everybody is involved in pregnancy and childbirth. The baby bump is a talking point. Some of the advice can be overwhelming and even frightening for mums, especially first-time mums,a�? says Ramanathan currently living in Mumbai.

    Taught by tradition
    The book is the culmination of speaking to several mothers across the country (some of whom she met during her salon visits) and over a hundred doctors and experts in the medical field. Not dissing tradition, the book says our ancestors nailed it with several practices. Eating from silverwarea��a traditional practice still followed in many homesa��is deemed safe as silver has pathogen-killing properties. Feeding the new mum methi ka ladooa��a tradition followed in several parts of North Indiaa��is a commendable practice because fenugreek seeds are scientifically proven galactagogues (they improve lactation). Stacking banglesa��a common practice across the country for mums-to-be, is an effective way of detecting pregnancy-induced hypertension (indicated by the bangles tightening around the muma��s wrist due to swelling). a�?Some mums have completely embraced the tradition, while some have turned their backs on it. But there are some mothers like me who are confused and want to balance tradition and science. This book is for them,a�? she signs off.
    For Bumpier Times, published by Hay House Indi, is expected to be launched by end of November. It is available for pre-order at all leading online portals. Rs 350.A� Details: amazon.in

    Sharadha Narayanan


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