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A new app helps young parents monitor their childai??i??s growth with ease Allegra 24 boat for sale

No question can ever be stupid, is what most elders say and rightfully so, they have answers and intelligent solutions to all questions. But with nearly 70 per cent of the Indian families (as per 2011 census) following the nuclear family route, young couples are bereft of elderly advice and guidance. New mommies are most affected in particular because they seem to have at least a trillion doubts a day such as, “My baby gets diaper rashes, how do I avoid it? My baby doesnai??i??t like to sleep on the bed and is used to a hammock, what should I do now? My seven-month old baby is able to sit, should I get a walker?”
To help such young mothers thereai??i??s Parentlane, an app thatai??i??s like a social media networking site for young parents. From expert answers, to discussion forums and an exclusive feature to check the growth rate of your child, Parentlane tries to fill-in for the lack of elderly advice. ai???Many young couples who live on their own tend to miss out on critical advice during the zero to eight years stage of a childai??i??s growth, thatai??i??s when 90 per cent of brain development takes place,ai??? says Vijay Anand, co-founder and CEO, Parentlane, adding, ai???We also considered the fact that young parents who are working may not be able to bridge the gap between elderly suggestions and doctorai??i??s advice, another rational for us to come up with this content driven app for discussions.ai???
User-friendly and an easy-to-navigate app, Parentlane has four key tabs ai??i?? Feed, Growthcheck, Discuss and Timeline. The first tab Feed gets updated at regular intervals with articles, trending stories related to parenting and tips for new parents. The Growthcheck tab is the unique feature of this app: it helps understand and track a childai??i??s overall development of the brain; physical, social and emotional growth. Additionally, neuro, musuclar, sensory and overall health can also be checked and compared against a childai??i??s previous benchmarks. ai???We came up with this feature because of a UNICEF report that we had read during our research. It was observed that only 50 per cent of children end up developing fullest potential (The report mentions: Globally 1 in 3 children below 5 years of age, donai??i??t reach their full potential and the incidence is even higher in emerging economies. We estimate India to be at 50 per cent). Growthcheck helps in monitoring growth and helping parents understand what might be lacking,ai??? says Vijay. The Growthcheck is up for a free trial for three months, after which users need to subscribe at a fee of `199 per month.
The third tab, Discuss, is a page where queries are answered by other mothers and experts. The Timeline tab is a fun feature where parents get to record their childai??i??s milestones and moments.

Details: parentlane.com
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