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ILMING a high octane movie like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when you are pregnant cana��t be easy. Thata��s exactly what actress Megan Fox did as she ran, jumped and fought with random people while spouting lines like a�?Show me what you got Shredder!a�?. The 28-year-old mother of two and wife of actor Bryan Austin Green, is a huge fan of the Turtles. Known for movies like Transformers, Jennifera��s Body and How To Lose Friends & Alienate People, the actress opens up about her childhood passion, her role of a journalist and being afraid of the dark. Read on:

Were you a fan of the Ninja Turtles before getting involved in this project?
I became a fan as a kid when I watched the 1991 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, which had Vanilla Ice in it. Since then I have been in love with the Turtles and the franchise.

How did you get to be in this new take on their adventures then?
I knew they were planning to make a new live action movie about the Turtles because there has been talk about it for years. Eventually it went over to Platinum Dunes, Michael Baya��s production company, and I really wanted to be a part of the project so I fought really hard for it and wrote a lot of emails.

Of the four Ninja Turtles, which was your favourite growing up?
Michelangelo! Mikey was the one that never took anything too seriously. As an adult I can see that his personality in a way echoes my fathera��s, so maybe I was also taken to him for that reason.

You play the journalist, April Oa��Neil, in the movie. What kind of a woman is she?
When you first meet her she seems to be one of those interviewers you see on the red carpet, doing fluff pieces for her network, but her aspiration is to be taken much more seriously. So, she is trying to find a real story to break through.

How does she achieve that breakthrough?
Her life changes when she comes across the Turtles and the Foot Clan, and she has to ask herselfa�� how much does she wants to become a hero as a journalist and stay true to this new family.

How was it working with Michael Bay again?
There were less large explosions and stunts on this film. Also the way I interacted with the Turtles was different to what I did with the giant robots. I was interacting with actors playing the Turtles through motion capture technology instead of giant robots that were never really there.

How physically demanding was this role for you?
I did quite a lot of action. There is an enormous choreographed scene with Will Arnett fighting the Foot Clan, that was crazy and chaotic and that made us both feel like total bad asses. It was so exciting.

What is Jonathan Liebesman like as a director?
What I love about Jonathan is that, above all, he wants to make a good movie and is always willing to listen to other peoplea��s opinions to ensure that happens. I also love his self-deprecating sense of humor.

Whoopi Goldberg plays your boss. What can you say about her?
I love her so much. She is amazing, has such good karma and is just a very special human being. I feel I was able to be so much better with her next to me.

Have you ever had a pet turtle?
I have never had one at home, but when I go to Hawaii there is this sea turtle I always visit, that I named Franklin. I know who he is because he has this oozy left eye.

Why do you believe these Ninja Turtles are so beloved all over the world?
My theory is that each one of them is based on our temperaments, so this way we can all see ourselves in one of them.
The movie is scheduled to release today.
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