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Raghu Ram (left) launching his book

Raghu1Raghu Ram introduces us to Roadies season 11

IT is one of the longest running reality shows in India. With the 11th season of Roadies launched last weekend, host and executive producer, Raghu Ram, shares the new format and explains why it isna��t going to end anytime soon:

There will be no vote outs.
a�?a�?Roadies, on one level, encouraged vote outs, and tasks had becomeA� a tool to eliminate contestants. But we wanted to change that and make it purely the consequence of their tasks.a�?

Rudeness in perspective.
a�?It hasna��t seemed to me that Ia��ve crossed the line. At a boxing match you wouldna��t feel that one of the contestants is being a bully just because he is winning. Ia��ve written about it in my book, Rearview: MyA�RoadiesA�Journey. The only time Ia��ve felt that Ia��ve crossed my personal line was during season eight and I have apologised for it.

Heights of bizarre.
a�?In season eight, contestants were asked to stand nude at a rock concert, to get their portraits done. To add to the embarrassment, the audience were given binoculars.

Roadies forever.
a�?Roadies wona��t shut down unless a really bad show is telecast and people are absolutely fed up of watching us. As much as I would like to give it a break, I dona��t see it happening any time soon.a��a��

Roadies season 11 airs every Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm,A�on MTV

a��Sumitra Nair


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