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    Filmmakers who are returning after a long hiatus with promising projects.

    Mel Gibson
    World War 2 happens to be the flavour of the season in Hollywood. A week before the release of the Brad Pitt-Marion Cotillard starrer Allied, 60-year-old Mel Gibsonai??i??s Hacksaw Ridge gives us a taste of what itai??i??s like to be a medic on the warfront. It is based on the life of Desmond Doss, a combat medic who was awarded the Medal of Honour. The movie, that comes ten years after his Apocalypto, has got good reviews so far.

    Generic equivalent to tricor John Hamburg
    His 2009 romantic comedy, I Love You, Man, portrayed the equation between Paul Ruddai??i??s character and his best man for his upcoming wedding. Now, the American director is coming back with Why Him, starring Breaking Bad-star Bryan Cranston and James Franco. Barring the odd similarities between the posters of both the movies, there seems to be nothing else in common. Bryan plays a dad who attempts to rock the relationship between his son and his girlfriend.

    Nick Park
    Known for giving us animated movies like Chicken Run and
    Wallace & Gromit, Nick Park returns with Early Man, another animation movie set in the pre-historic age. And what a lead cast he has managed to gatherai??i??Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston come together to essay the characters of Dug and Hognob respectively. This stellar pairing
    will excite fans, no doubt, who will be hoping to see them in a feature movie soon.

    Warren Beatty
    After Martin Scorseseai??i??s 2004 film, The Aviator, made Howard Hughes a household name thanks to Leonardo DiCaprioai??i??s impressive performance, another director, Warren Beatty, has made a movie based on the late American entrepreneur. Rules Donai??i??t Apply sees the 79-year-old returning to direction after a gap of 18 years, and he has cast himself as Hughes in the movie. The legendary actor, who is a favourite at the Oscars, is accompanied by other actors like Lily Collins and Alden Ehrenreich.

    James Foley
    Nine years after Perfect Stranger, American director James Foley returns to the directorai??i??s chair with Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to the 2015 erotic romantic drama. Critics are wondering whether Universal Pictures has made a good decision by choosing Foley, considering that Perfect Stranger was a box-office dud. But looking at the infectious chemistry between lead actors Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the trailer, we think the sequel will set the box-office on fire.

    James Cameron
    We all know that James Cameron has promised four sequels to his 2009 super-hit Avatar. The 62-year-old Canadian is known to use the latest technologies while making his movies, and being the perfectionist that he is, he can be forgiven if he takes time to make= one. After all, he took 12 years after Titanic to release Avatar, and look what that got himai??i??the highest grossing Hollywood movie of all time. Can he accomplish a repeat? Wait for Avatar 2ai??i??s release next year.


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