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    15 years after the original, Anubhav Sinha is set to don the directora��s hat for Tum Bin 2

    Anubhav Sinha was always drawn towards love stories. It is no surprise then that the 51-year-old director is back with the second part of his much acclaimed romantic drama Tum Bin (2001). But the idea came to him just recently. a�?Until about 2009-10, there was no culture of making franchise films. Then the trend started. I had fans requesting me through Twitter and Facebook to make a Tum Bin 2. If you look at it realistically, it has taken only five years to make the movie,a�? begins Sinha who adds that it was in 2013 that he seriously started writing a script that would fit into the Tum Bin franchise.

    On the trail
    The film that revolves around a woman and her choosing between the heart and mind will bring back the popular ghazal by Jagjit Singh, Koi Fariyaad, from the first movie. The teaser of the song has already received over five million views on YouTube. a�?We are living in a world where there is a countdown for a trailer release. I hope it will calm down soon, because this trend kills the enigma of the film. People know too much now,a�? says the Mumbai-based director.

    Song sung
    Talking about his attraction to ghazals Sinha says, a�?I was 13 or 14 years old when I heard Baat Nikli To Bahut Door Talak Jayegi (by Jagjit Singh) and I fell in love with the rendition. When I was doing Tum Bin 2, I knew I needed him for the film, thata��s when the struggle starteda��how do we keep what we already have and yet make it new?a�? Finally they opted for the sher (couplets) format a�� instead of two lines, in this case the sher has three lines. a�?The first two lines are sung by Rekha Bhardwaj, and we retained Jagjit Singha��s voice for the third line,a�? explains Sinha whose last directorial outing was the rather tepid Shah Rukh Khan starrer Ra.One.

    Fresh onboard
    Also a movie of firsts, the film will see Aashim Gulati in his debut role and the famous cricketer Dwayne Bravo singing for Bollywood for the first time. a�?Bravo is an entertainer. There came an opportunity to collaborate with him, and we got together and had some fun and it is a fantastic song,a�? says Sinha who is already working on his next project.
    The film is slated to
    release on November 18.

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