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    MTVa��s Warrior High throws light on love, rivalry, high hopes and fallen dreams

    Dona��t we all remember schooldays of tested friendships, intense rivalries and where over achieving meant youa��d rule the earth someday? Thanks to MTV, you can now relive those times with Warrior High. Exploring the world of boarding school where students, from diverse backgrounds, come together to fight for their dreams. Twenty-three-year-old Anupriya Kapoor takes on a role as a young teacher on the show. Best known as the protagonist in Tere Liye on STAR Plus, she says, a�?It is a fresh and youthful show which brings a vibrant feel to the time slot. Plus, a welcome break from saas-bahu soaps.a�?

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    The show is set to focus on three new students Siyali, Utkarsh and Niti, played by newcomer Sanaya Pethawala, Anshuman Malhotra of Haider fame, and well-known TV actress Juhi Aslam. They are three friends who grew up together in a strict Christian orphanage and now find themselves at Warrior High as part of a scholarship program. There is also the golden boy and every girla��s fancy of the school, Abhishek played by actor Ashwini Kaul, and Parth, played by newcomer Lakshya Lalwani, who is the dark horse, full of angst and fire. Veteran actor Suhasini Mulay, currently on Udaan, takes on the role of disciplinarian headmistress, Anwesha. Kapoor plays a young teacher called Vibha, who has just returned from abroad, after her family goes bankrupt. a�?Shea��s almost forced to come back here because her father has an accident which causes them to lose money. So here she is trying to get her life back on track, and takes on the job of a teacher in Warrior High, a boarding school in Dehradun,a�? explains Kapoor, adding that it is the connection that viewers will have with the characters, that makes this show a potential success. a�?They will be able to relate to the characters. Wea��ve all been through this, so when the audience connects with these on-screen people, it helps build a rapport with the them. The show is shot in a very real way as well, to add to the relatability,a�? says the actress.
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    Telling us that she was very taken with the script, it was the age she is playing, which clinched the deal for Kapoor. a�?I was thrilled to play my own age! In the soaps, I play a married person with kids. This was very different from the roles Ia��ve done in the past,a�? she shares, elaborating that she draws on her own experiences of school and college to portray the young teacher. a�?There was honestly no time to research because I was quite a last minute signing. But there really wasna��t anyone to take hints from. Plus, the show deals with rivalry, crushes (on teachers too!) and the usual drama. So the only inspiration I needed was my life, a few years ago!a�? What makes her character interesting is that she isna��t quite different from the students herself. Having been forced to drop out of college, she is expected to be mature, when dealing with the 18-year-old students.
    Speaking of the camaraderie on set, Kapoor says that things are just getting exciting. a�?Ita��s great fun. We originally were a bit hesitant as wea��ve only shot individual scenes so far. But recently, we began interacting for shots and ita��s slowly bringing us together. Wea��re gradually shedding inhibitions and I am sure there will be plenty of fun to be had soon,a�? she signs off.

    Weekdays at 7 pm on MTV.
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