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With a focus on earthy hues, Purvi Doshia��s new line keeps it simple and elegant

Designer Purvi Doshi is among the long list of designers whoa��ve of late, gone completely sustainable. a�?The phrase a�?sustainable fashiona�� is used very loosely. There are many who adopt a few sustainable practices, such as working with weavers, thereby providing jobs, using organic fabrics or by staying away from the use of chemical dyes,a�? begins Ahmedabad-based Doshi, who has embraced the sustainable path completely, right from using cruelty free, organic, handwoven fabrics to natural dyes and even installing solar panels in her studio. a�?I was reading an article on how silkworms are burnt to produce silk, and as I read more, the more acutely aware I became of the dark side of fashion. Thata��s when I made a conscious decision to change my focus,a�? shares Doshi, adding, a�?Ita��s very challenging to work without chemicals. Thata��s something Ia��m still grappling with but Ia��m sure Ia��ll get used to it soon.a�?
Her latest collection, titled, I Dona��t Care, features an earthy palette of hues such as brown, khaki green, yellow and white. The collection is entirely made from khadi, sourced from West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of India. In keeping with her signature styles and silhouettes, the range includes maxi dresses, saris, mini dresses, tunics, kurtas and more. Adding to the design elements are touches of hand embroidery and hand-crafted patterns that serve to enhance the look of the garment a�� whether ita��s the slate green cowl dress with tiny elephants on one side or the coffee maxi dress with a matching jacket bearing hand embroidered flamingos, that form a stark contrast against the dark background.
Doshi and her team are currently working on their next collection, which will feature aari-embroidered Moroccon patterns.
Rs 8,000 upwards.
Details: purvidoshi.com

a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo