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    Jaypore launches a new personal care line featuring ingredients like volcanic ash and tamarind

    The ingredients caught our attention first: volcanic ash (cleanses and fights toxins) in a soap and black pepper and tamarind (anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial, it helps unclog pores) in a scrub. And when Puneet Chawla, CEO of Jaypore, told us he and his team had personally tried and tested every one of the products, we decided we wanted to know more. a�?The range offers a more natural way of cleansing. The soaps are made completely with oil, we dona��t use glycerine, and you wona��t find any chemicals in anything,a�? says Chawla of the line that was launched a little over three weeks ago. a�?This is just the beginning. We plan to add more variants (of whata��s already on the site) and introduce more products,a�? he adds.
    Attention to detail
    It took eight months for Jaypore to roll out the line. a�?We roped in experts with knowledge of natural ingredients to create our special blends. And we were hands-on with everything from the sourcing of organic ingredients to the fragrance selection and packaging,a�? he says, stressing the fact that while other brands like Kama and Forest Essentials position themselves as luxury, a�?we are a lot more earthy.a�? Their pricing is another highlight. a�?People are becoming a lot more selective about what they put ona��both in terms of apparel and what they use on their bodies. And our products are within everyonea��s reach,a�? he says.
    Ayurveda ahead?
    Currently, you can pick up bathing bars (charcoal is a favourite), body oils, scrubs and packs on the site. But they will soon be adding more, including creams and natural shampoos. a�?We are also debating about creating products that are closer to Ayurveda, but nothinga��s finalised yet,a�? he signs off.
    From `225 onwards. Details: jaypore.com
    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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