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A new show on NGC shares how fashion, sports and politics from decades ago still rules us

Pink dyed hair and layered under-as-outer-wear… remember the Madonna of the eighties? Well, our Material Girl joins Indiaa��s very own disco dancer, the first personal computer, Maradonaa��s football victory and more as some moments of the 80s. Right from fashion to politics, this decade was considered to be the most influential and iconic.

a�?Globally it was 10 years of non-stop glamour, unchecked excess, ruthless ambition and explosive technological innovation that came together to produce historic changes that have made us who and what we are today,a�? spells out Swati Mohan, VP, programming and content, NGC Network and Fox International Channels. NGCa��s new show, The 80s (which premiered last month), showcases the most unforgettable of fashion, sports, politics, technology and global events from the decade and how it has an impact even today.

Young brigade

Mohan feels a show like The a�?80s is relevant even today and will captivate the younger audiences as it a�?has the best of the infotainment genre.a�? She adds, a�?Retro never really goes out of fashion. It was the decade that witnessed the emergence of legends such as Sachin Tendulkar, the rise of Rajiv Gandhi and the era that gave Madonna, in all her avatars.a�? The show has received a great response. a�?It seems to have generated exactly the kind of excitement that we had expected. Therea��s basically something for everyonea��for an 80a��s child or someone who lived through the decade. As for anyone born after the decade, there is this novelty factor at witnessing all of these defining moments in history, that have left an indelible mark on their current existence,a�? she explains.


India special

The show has an India special episode, scheduled to air next month. Mohan gives us an insight into the segment, a�?The 80s: India will cover the change in the political landscape following the assassination of Indira Gandhi, how the Maruti car mobilised middle class India,the Doordarshan phenomenon and our highpoints in the world of sport like winning the World Cup in a��83. There will be inputs from journalists, researchers and filmmakers. For instance, Anurag Kashyap talks about his inspiration from 80s movies.a�? Doordarshan (DD-1) was the major source of images for the show, considering the channel went national in 1982, it is apt indeed.
The 80s airs Wednesdays and Thursdays on NGC at 10 pm

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