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    Returning with Fading Gigolo, the actor talks about men, ageing and not having to take her clothes off

    Sharon Stone might be 56 and recuperating from a stroke she suffered earlier this month, but she is not down and out. Not only did the actress pose in a revealing black lace lingerie on the cover of this montha��s GQ, but she is also making a splash in Woody Allena��s Fading Gigolo. Best known for her role in Basic Instinct, Stone, who plays a doctor in Fading Gigolo, will be seen cozying up with co-starA� Sofia Vergara in the movie. Stone opens up about ageing gracefully and dating:

    Fading-Gigolo---Sharon-StonWhat do think about playing sexy in Fading Gigolo?
    People still want me to take off my clothes, but the great thing about ageing is that I dona��t have to. It gets boring to be the hot girl all the time.

    An average looking guy hits it off with women in this movie. Do you think that happens in reality?
    I never knew I was hot until I saw Basic Instinct. I didna��t start out being the hot girl. People used to say they couldna��t hire me because I wasna��t sexy. And then I learned how to be hot. Until then I was a nerda��the clever girl. But once I learned to be the hot girl I didna��t get to do anything else.

    Do you think you have succeeded at everything in life?
    I failed at the biggest things. I failed in my health and marriage, but Ia��ve picked myself up and gone on. I was lucky not to die, so it feels fantastic to be older and alive.

    Tell us about this other phase of life in terms of movies.
    Thata��s the great thing about being an older lady. Ia��m playing a mom, a career woman. Ia��m at another phase of life where I can play different parts that I might not have been considered for earlier.

    Thirty years in the business and no plastic surgery?
    I cana��t tell you how many doctors try to sell me a face lift. But I thought, what are they going to lift? In the art of ageing well, therea��s sexuality in imperfections.

    Did you always take ageing so gracefully?
    There was a time I went into the bathroom with a bottle of wine, and said, a�?Ia��m not coming out until I can totally accept the way I look nowa��. But eventually, I realised therea��s a lot of sexuality,A� allure and mystery now that you didna��t have when youa��re young.

    Fading Gigolo is scheduled to release on May 16.

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