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    0201SocietyLead2 So NEW Yeara��s Eve has come and gone. So has, alas, Christmas. As we move into January, everyone is groaning about over indulging during this most indulgent time of the year. The parties, the feasts, the skipped workouts are now coming home to roost.
    Ia��ve been getting press-the-panic button type WhatsApp messages from friends for a while now. A funny one went: My heart says chocolate and wine, but my jeans say for the love of God, woman, eat a salad! But not too many were laughing. Most were staring gloomily at their weighing scales and wondering how fast they could get shipshape.
    So I spoke with Dr Shubha R, senior naturopathy physician at Soukya, for some advice. Of course, naturopathy is all about detoxing and she had plenty of tips to share. a�?Detox with plenty of vegetables, fruit and fluids,a�? she said. a�?Cut down the carbohydrates and sugars which strain the digestive system. Exercise for about 45 minutes a day, work in some pranayama, meditation and suryanamaskars to get the system going. One day in the week try a liquid diet of healthy foods, like fruit and vegetable juices, thin porridge of ragi or oats.a�? Naturopathy advocates detoxifying massages, something that 0201SocietyLead3sparks my interest, and colon hydrotherapy, something that doesna��t.
    Nutritionist Shalini Manglani had more words of wisdom. She believes ita��s best to prepare ahead for the festive season with an exercise regime and a sensible diet so a�?you can have your Christmas cake and eat it too.a�? If you havena��t planned, no problem, but go about things sensibly, she says. a�?One day in the gym isna��t going to fix it all, nor will a bunch of kale or spinach on your plate. The first thing is to drink plenty of water to replace your bodya��s salts lost due to drinking. Cut portions from every meal, or skip one. For instance if youa��re still on holiday and waking late, skip breakfast or have a cup of milk or some fruit. Remember the adage of breakfast like a king only works if you have dined like a pauper, not dined like a king too!a�?
    However, you need to put nutrients back into your deprived body so eat mindfully, she adds. a�?Dona��t deprive your body, take a sensible middle path. If you think water is boring, try infused waters or herbal teas (see box), like Moroccan or cinnamon tea.a�?
    Ia��ve decided to see a lot more of my trainer, starting now, and already made appointments at the spa. And as for the divine plum cakes and Christmas pudding… adios until later this year!
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