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    HEREa��S a reality check: most of us straighten our backs with a muffled a�?oucha��. Persistent back pain is as common as work that involves hours of hunching over computers. So yoga practitioner Mansi Gandhi is teaming up with Rutland Gate Studio to bring us a focussed programme to tackle the problem. a�?The fact is that back pain is quite subtle but very debilitating. Ita��s a road block that most people tend to neglect, but it can stop you from doing other things in your life,a�? explains Gandhi, whose five-day workshop will include a combination of asanas like the bhujangasana and the naukasana to strengthen and stretch the back. a�?The back muscles are supported by your abdominal and oblique muscles. And there are deep-seated muscles that are not used at alla��they can be targeted only with specific exercises, which cannot be addressed even by gymming. So even physically fit people can develop back problems because these muscles are not exercised,a�? adds Gandhi. Ideal even for beginners, the classes will help you learn the tools to keep your back straight and strong.
    November 2-6, from 6.15 pm to 7.15 pm. Rs.2,000. Details: rutlandgatestudio@gmail.com


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