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    ItsAi??Ai??not a One Man Show or a One Woman Show when a radio presenter goes on-air. Simply because a radio jockey is not a magician who pulls out tricks from a hat to amaze listeners. What makes the presenter a full-fledged air-worthy product is the team working silently behind the soundscape. If a radio jockey thinks that all the adulation he or she garners is because of their esteemed presence on-air, they need to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Iai??i??ve noticed this in the past, where the radio presenter always wants to be a step ahead of the team that manages the show. That is absolutely acceptable. But to assert without a thought, simply because there is a need to have the last word, might work in favour of the presenter, but definitely not for the show. Producers are the backbone for any show. They think from a zoomed-out perspective about the brand, and have a birdai??i??s eye view of the product that needs to be delivered, the listener and of course, the presenter.

    Many moons ago, when I was told, ai???There has to be a healthy marriage between the back-end and the presenter for a show to be numero uno,ai??? it sounded like a clichAi??. Over the years, Iai??i??ve learnt its importance. The team backing the jock contributes generously for the show to go on and be successful. However, itai??i??s only the presenter who hogs the accolades. Unfortunately, thatai??i??s the way the circus is choreographed!
    When was the last time you heard the presenter thank his or her producer after a good outing on-air? There are a lot of inexperienced presenters who believe it isnai??i??t important. Then my advice to these muscle-headed people is that they need to understand that this is radio, and not the telly, or else greats like Howard Stern wouldnai??i??t have happened.
    If you are in the back-end team, trust me, your job might be thankless, but itai??i??s you who makes all the magic on-air!
    See you next week!

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    The writerai??i??s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.



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