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    Cheap femara for fertility Fabled bakeries do Christmas the old fashioned way

    For those who are jaded by all the culinary experimentation this season, traditional options like plum cake and kalkals are a refreshing change. Hereai??i??s where you can get your fix.


    Thomai??i??s Bakery and Supermarket

    Established in the ai??i??60s, Thomai??i??s is highly favoured for its freshly baked breads, vegetable and egg puffs and a host of other treats. This season, stocked on their shelves are the quintessential plum cakes, rose cookies and kalkals. Moist and rich, the cakes can be bought, with or without marzipan icing. The cookies come in two variations ai??i?? pure rice flour and maida. Rs 75 upwards. At Frazer Town. Details: 25301860

    Koshyai??i??s Bakery

    The legendar y Koshyai??i??s bakery, that was built in the 1940s, offers all the usual suspects such as plum cake (with and without almond icing), plum pudding, rose cookies (made with a mix of maida and rice flour) and kalkals (not dusted with sugar to make it more diabetic-friendly, in owner Prem Koshyai??i??s own words). Rs 80 upwards. At Richmond Town. Details: 22211516

    VB Bakery, VV Puram

    For the last 62 years, this has been an iconiAi??bakery in Sout h Bengaluru. VB Bakery is known for its signature treats like damrot, khara bun congress, khara biscuits and almond toffees. But come Christmas and the bakery is busy churning out 500 kilos of plum cake in variations like choco, choco nut and special fruit. Rs 650 upwards per kilo. Details: 26524615

    ai??i?? Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo and Ayesha Tabassum


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