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    With Bard inspired movies, concert films and live shows, PVR goes beyond mainstream films

    The Indian market needs variation when it comes to content. Keeping this in mind, PVR Pictures (multiplexes) has introduced some interesting initiatives like PVR Live (live and recorded events) and PVR Directora��s Rare (screening unusual films). The group first screened Mohit Raoa��s, Mind Reading, a live show in Bangalore and Hyderabad which proved to be a super hit. Its success persuaded the PVR group to screen movies like Matthew Bournea��s 3D Ballet Swan Lake and choreographer, Christopher Wheeldona��s live show Cinderella a�� Dutch National Ballet. According to Kamal Gianchandani, President, PVR Pictures, currently, alternative content like ballet films, concert films, theatre films, musical filmsa��live performances recorded around the worlda��are being showcased at various PVR multiplexes.A� Meanwhile, for music lovers, PVR has introduced concert films like Queen and One Direction and live performances by AIB and Pretentious Nights. As for the response for the movies PVR has showcased, Gianchandani says, a�?PVR Live was dynamic and thrilling. The screenings of Queen, Cinderella and Swan Lake, though, attracted a niche audience and created considerable word-of-mouth. The stand-up acts AIB and Pretentious Nights were sold out in a couple of days. One Direction a�� Where We Are a�� The Concert Film, was a blockbuster with approximately 8,000 viewers.a�?

    Joshua Richards, Antony Sher and Youssef Kerkour in Henry lV Parts l and llBard and more
    As for their upcoming projects, they have Royal Shakespeare Companya��s new work from artistes who believe in inspiring the youth with William Shakespearea��s plays like Richard II, Henry IV- Part I and Part II and Romeo and Juliet. Plus, the greatest ballet, Moulin Rouge, and a live show of Century Folk- Barmer Boys are on offer.

    Other initiatives
    Other than Directora��s Rare, that involves theatrical releases of more than 50 films, including Indian indies, international indies, cult classics and short film packages, there is another initiativea��the Oscar Film Festival.a�?Usually, people dona��t get to know about quality movies till they are recognised through awards. We filled this gap by getting the nominated Oscar movies to the cinemas for the Indian audience,a�? concludes Gianchandani.

    Moulin Rouge will be screened tomorrow at PVR Cinemas.



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